What employees need to know in the case of adverse weather

When adverse weather conditions crop up, employees want to know their rights if they can’t make it in. We’ve put together some of the questions to consider in times of bad weather.

Is there a policy in place?
Firstly, you should check if your employer has a policy on employee absence due to inclement weather or an Adverse Weather Policy. Check your Employee Handbook or Contract of Employment. If there’s one in place, these guidelines should be followed by both you and your employer.

Has your employer closed the business?
If there is no existing policy and you are ready, willing and able to attend work but your employer decides to close the business, then you should be paid for those day(s). If you are not paid, you could have a claim for breach of contract.

What if the business is open?
Where there is no office policy and the workplace is open, if you don’t go in, then, strictly speaking, your employer may require you to take unpaid leave or annual leave day(s) – even if you genuinely cannot make it to work.

However, employers need to be aware of the requirements of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 to provide a safe place of work and to ensure that employees do not compromise their safety in travelling to and from work. The weather should be monitored and safety considerations for employees travelling to and from work, as well as those already in work, must be of the utmost importance.

Can I work from home?
Many employers now offer employees the option to work from home, where appropriate. It is considered good employment practice to offer employees flexible working conditions in the face of a red alert.

If your child’s school is closed then you are entitled to take the time as annual leave or agreed unpaid leave. However, this situation does not fall under the definition of force majeure leave.

In the case of adverse weather, we recommend that you check on any existing policies at your place of work and exercise caution.

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