Gynaecological injuries can occur during procedures such as hysterectomies, oophorectomies, laparoscopic salpingectomies and result in injuries such as bladder perforation, vesico-vaginal fistula, and perforated bowel.

As with any medical procedure these injuries can often occur as a result of a non-negligently performed operation and are recognised complications of these types of procedure. However certain injuries may have been avoidable if adequate care and attention was paid either during the initial procedure itself or in the immediate post-operative period. If you feel that you have suffered such an injury or have concerns in relation to the care given to you during a gynaecological procedure please contact Augustus Cullen Law and we will be happy to advise you. We have successfully brought a large number of claims arising out of gynaecological procedures and secured compensation for women who have suffered avoidable injuries. 

Perineal or vaginal tears can occur during childbirth as a result of the baby’s head passing through the mother’s birth canal or, as a result of the use of instruments used to assist in the delivery. Often the trauma is not serious and can be identified and repaired without the risk of future complications. Tears are classified according to definitions universally accepted by obstetricians and range from first degree to fourth degree tears. First and second degree tears are almost invariably easily identified and repaired without causing any undue difficulty for the mother. Third and fourth degree tears though can be extremely severe and will require extensive suturing and follow up to prevent devastating symptoms developing.

These severe tears can sometimes be missed and left unrepaired resulting in serious consequences for the mother. Women who have suffered from traumatic perineal tears are often reluctant to discuss their symptoms believing that vaginal or anal sphincter injury is a necessary part of having a baby or they are simply too embarrassed by their symptoms that they suffer in silence. Symptoms can include perineal pain, incontinence of flatus (wind) and faeces and painful sexual intercourse. For some women these symptoms can last for years and cause them suffering, pain and loss of dignity. It is vital that injuries to the perineum are correctly identified in the delivery room and that expert advice is sought by midwives and doctors attending deliveries. 

  • Augustus Cullen Law LLP. have successfully represented many women who have suffered severe 3rd and 4th degree tears that have been misdiagnosed and treated negligently including the development of ano-vaginal fistulas.

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