Michael Boylan

His reputation for fearlessly advancing his cases is well known and well founded.

Judge Kearns, President of High Court

A pre Eminent figure in plaintiff medical negligence offering clients a huge background of experience in handling complex and challenging medical claims.

Chambers Europe Lawyers Guide

He has become the foremost practitioner of his generation in this difficult and complex branch of the law.

Mckechnie J, Supreme Court Judge

Over the past 35 years he has specialised in the area of medical negligence and has been involved in many hundreds of medical negligence actions including many of the leading Irish medical negligence cases including the leading landmark case of Dunne v. National Maternity Hospital (where he acted for the Plaintiff). He has lectured extensively and has written numerous articles and book chapters. In addition, he has recently published a book on medical negligence law. He has successfully concluded many complex cases including approximately 90 birth injury, cerebral palsy and other catastrophic injury claims with multi-million pound/Euro awards for various infants and their families.

Narcolepsy / Swine Flu Vaccination and Pandemrix

Both Michael Boylan and Gillian O’Connor are currently handling over 65 cases of Pandemrix related Narcolepsy. Read more…

Cases Of Note in Past Ten Years:

Fitzpatrick -v- The National Maternity Hospital: In the year 2008 he was involved in the lengthiest ever birth injury cerebral palsy action with the Trial lasting 55 days, which was ultimately successful with an award of €4.5 million in favour of the infant Plaintiff

Myers -v- St. James’ Hospital: In 2009, Michael obtained one of the highest ever awards for personal injuries with an award of €6.5 million being made in the case of Myers –v- St. James’ Hospital for a catastrophically injured 50 year old woman who suffered her injuries due to an undiagnosed subarachnoid haemorrhage

In 2010-2011: He was involved in the successful trial and settlement of 6 cerebral palsy actions, a case for a catastrophically brain damaged woman arising from a ruptured aneurism and numerous other complex clinical negligence cases such as delay in diagnosis of cancer, poorly performed/delayed colorectal surgery, delay and failure to diagnose third degree tear and vaginal fistula, failure to treat Crohn’s Disease and poorly performed cosmetic surgery.

In 2012 Cian Brady –v- Rotunda Hospital: The Plaintiff sued for the negligent neonatal management of her baby who developed symptomatic hypoglycaemia.  After 14 days at Trial the action settled, for €5.5 million plus costs

Jade Keane –v- HSE, National Maternity Hospital and Others.  The Plaintiff suffered serious brain damage, consequent upon a 14 week delay in the diagnosis of developing neonatal hydrocephalus.  Serial head measurements, showing abnormal head growth were not acted upon by various healthcare professionals.  In 2012, after a 16 day trial liability to compensate the Plaintiff was admitted and the Plaintiff’s action settled for a sum of €4,750,000.

In 2013 Eoin Dunne -v- The Coombe Hospital  A 10 year old boy who was deprived of oxygen following birth as a consequence of a negligent delay in the arrival of the paediatric staff to perform resuscitation.  Liability was strongly disputed.  Ultimately, Judgment was given in favour of the Plaintiff.  Subsequently, interim damages were agreed to compensate the Plaintiff for a two year period of €2.9 million plus costs.  In 2015 the case came back before the Courts for further assessment of damages with a further €11.4 million in damages awarded.

In 2014 Michael was involved in approximately 20 other catastrophic injury cases which settled with multi-million Euro interim awards of damages made and cases adjourned in anticipation of the enactment of Government legislation to permit Periodic Payment Orders.

In 2015, Michael was heavily involved in the prosecution of multiple actions suing both the State and the drug manufacturer in respect of children and adults suffering the effects of narcolepsy following the administration of the defective vaccine “Pandemrix”.

In 2016 Michael published a legal textbook entitled “A Practitioner’s Guide to Medical Negligence Litigation” which has been widely acclaimed. In April he concluded a trial for a child who suffered severe neurological and physical injuries as a consequence of delay in treating meningitis resulting in a record award of interim damages for a 3 year care package of 6.7 million euro. He has also achieved final settlement of lump sum damages for an eleven year old child with cerebral palsy of 11.4 million euro (with a likely further uplift of additional damages of at least 4m more to follow). In May he brought to trial and achieved a further award for a 16 year girl with CP an award of 7m. He continues his work for injured patients on a myriad of other serious medical negligence cases and continues to manage his specialist team of dedicated lawyers.

Membership of Organisations

  • Former Council Member of the Law Society of Ireland
  • Member of the Litigation Committee of the Law Society of Ireland
  • Member of Wicklow and Dublin Solicitors Bar Associations
  • Chairman of the Medical Injuries Alliance
  • Lecturer in Medical Negligence at the Law Society of Ireland and UCD School of Medicine
  • Member of Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA)
  • Member of the President of the High Court’s working party on periodic payments and medical negligence reform.

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